I began painting in the early 1980s with a focus on the human figure. As I explored space in relation to the figure, I sought to find a middle ground between the traditional notion of depicted space and the flat space of Modernism. 

The formal qualities of my earlier paintings recall decaying photographs, drawings or artifacts, with surface textures that reference processes such as mold and oxidization. These qualities are visual metaphors for the human experience, and together with the image of the figure, refer to themes of solitude, alienation, and desire. This exploration spanned 20 years, including more than a decade spent in Amsterdam.

In 2005 my focus shifted to the depiction of light as it describes, or in some cases obliterates, space and figures. I replaced abstract space with urban landscapes, now generating my images from the streets of the city. Space and figures appear more realistic but are often distorted or abstracted by light.

* * *

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